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Our company undertakes the installation of hydraulic elevators by proposing them as a simple and reliable solution for small or large loads up to 8 stops (up to 22 m) and speeds up to 0.80 m / s at relatively low cost.

Our company installs ALGI hydraulic elevators, the only hydraulic elevators produced in Germany and imported to Greece. Hydraulic elevators are installed in accordance with the European Standard EN 81-2. The materials used in the installation are among the best and safest in the Greek and International markets and bear the CE certification (as defined by European Directive 95/16).


Our company, in cases where there is no room for the engine room of the elevator in the building, installs ELEVER-HYDRO MRL, where the power unit and control panel are mounted in a specially crafted cabinet.

Hydraulic Elevator Advantages :
    • Safety and comfort during transport.
    • Quality and robustness of construction.
    • Ease and low installation and maintenance costs.
    • Low levels of noise and vibration.
    • Reliability and long life.
    • Fast delivery, but also the ability to build special applications.
    • Possibility of direct unloading in case of power failure.
What is a Hydraulic Elevator :

The elevator in which the necessary energy for lifting the load comes from an electrically driven pump. The pump transfers oil to a lifting unit that acts directly or indirectly in the chamber (more than one electric motor, pumps or lifting units can be used).